Dogsled Tours – dogsled

Experience the thrill of being pulled by dog team through the winter wonderland of North Eastern New Brunswick. Tours can accomodate groups, couples and single riders, and can be combined with hotel stays at Best Western Bathurst, or any of our other winter activties.

The tour starts of at our cabin , you get to meet us and your dog team . We have 25 dogs in the yard, some young pups , some old retired guys and about 20 running dogs . We'll harness the dog team and give you a quick demonstration. You're welcome to join in and get hands on if you want. After the sled is set up and our dogs tied we set out for a good 10km of dog sledding! You will have the chance to drive the sled and learn the commands. When we get back to the kennel, we unharness the team, and have a chance to warm up by the fire.